Don’t Make Me Curse


People who know me know that I go out of my way to avoid cursing.  It’s my own personal thing with God.  Not that I’m always great about not cursing.  I just try harder.

That’s why I love “text talk”.   That way I can get my point across without actually cursing.  Like this:

WTF is going on with this sudden surge in black women “committing suicide” in police custody?  I call bull#%@$^ on that.  FIVE black women have died in the past month while in police custody.  And all of these women were in jail accused of minor offenses (failure to signal a lane change; shoplifting; stealing a cell phone; domestic dispute, etc).  In other words, none of these women were facing any serious consequences.

But somehow, regardless of the offense, or no offense, black folks seem to always face serious consequences when interacting with the police.

Which is why I want to announce my public support for this proposal by The Field Negro.  I heartily endorse this new organization and will gladly pay the membership fees.


‘Cause sjgr.*

(My text talk for “shit just got real”)


Shout Out to for the graphic reminder for me not to curse.