Negro Backfired

White people created racial classifications to justify slavery and categorization of black folks as chattel property. Of white people.  1943_Colored_Waiting_Room_Sign

Now you’re mad when we claim that same blackness and receive special attention for it. Yet the only reason we get any special attention is to undo the damage caused by white people in the first place. Affirmative action is what it’s called.  And the fact is, white women have been the biggest benefactors of affirmative action.

But white people never intended for us to benefit from being a nigger. Even an exceptional one. It was only to be used as a stick against us (quite literally and figuratively), and never as a carrot. In their wildest imagination, white people never envisioned our blackness might be used to atone for their sins.

There have been others, but now we have Abigail Fisher, a white woman suing the University of Texas because she was denied admission and is claiming that affirmative action admission policies are unconstitutional.

Let me understand this.

You labeled me “colored” or a negro…which turned to treating me like a nigger. This was done to separate and segregate and marginalize and denigrate make me “less than” and to ensure that I was “kept from” good jobs, good education, good homes, good communities, opportunity for wealth, and essentially anything desirable to white people, including my babies and my man. You never intended for any good to come from it.  And then you have the unmitigated gall to tell me to pull myself up by my bootstraps?

So now you’re mad, huh? Mad that the law actually has the nerve to recognize that we cannot depend upon the goodness of the oppressors to make up for the generational psychological and financial trauma visited upon an entire people for your financial enrichment? So you’re mad that the law recognizes that we must have “affirmative action” to remedy just a portion, a tiny portion, of the harm inflicted upon black people by white people?

So you’re mad that my black son was accepted to college over your white son?

Puh-lease.  Bye Felecia.


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