A White Man Checked His Privilege at the Door

In case you aren’t paying attention, there are some serious issues at Mizzou that didn’t stop when University President Tim Wolfe resigned.  In fact, the racial animus has markedly increased.

(As an aside, that resignation speech was steeped in racism and did a lot to explain why he had to go.  As I listened to him resign, it became crystal clear why He. Had. To. Go.  But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what the experts had to say about it.)

Black students don’t feel safe – physically or emotionally – on the Mizzou campus.  And some white people feel threatened by the black students’ demands, and power.  And what happens when racists feel threatened?  Attempts to discredit and minimize black pain.  Like thisAnd this.

imageAnd yet. In the midst of the chaos, a white ally. There may be others. In fact I know there are. But here is a lesson for those with a desire to be allies. Don’t stand on the sidelines talking to your family and friends (or worse, just yourself) about how you support #blacklivesmatter.

DO something. Don’t tell me. I’m from Missouri. Show me.