Black Mama Pain

Black mamas have been losing our children since we got here.  Children ripped from their mama’s arms and sold to another plantation.  Black sons disproportionately arrested, charged and convicted.  Then sentenced to disproportionately long prison time.  Black sons murdered, while unarmed, for trivial crimes, or as is usually the case, NO crimes, by police officers and racist maniacs like George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn.

America has a long history of snatching our babies from us.  But frequency only de-sensitizes the general public. There is no anesthetizing the pain of the mamas who’ve unjustly lost their sons and daughters.  I don’t mean to diminish a black daddy’s pain.  My husband would be irrevocably devastated if something happened to one of our sons.  But, I’m a mama.

Like Leslie McSpadden.

And there’s no way to anesthetize the pain I felt when I watched this.  I’m heart-broken.