Black Hair Don’t Care

WeaveBlack women could cut this industry off at its knees if we never bought another weave.

I had weave once in April 2006 for a cruise. But, I felt completely uncomfortable with someone else’s hair in my head. It just didn’t feel right so I took it out as soon as I got back from the cruise.

But I’ve had my own journey with the hair care industry. Creamy Crack. White gold. Relaxer. I have been enamored with my long, thick hair…relaxed since I was 10 years old. Bone straight. So when I walked, it fanned in the wind. Yeah that. It felt better than weave to me because it was MINE. My natural hair, unnaturally altered.

But I’m so over it now. I spent a full 15 months growing out my relaxer.  I can’t believe there’s not a product on the market that strips those chemicals from your hair, if not instantly, at least faster than molasses moves in the winter.

But, after more than a year of growing out my perm and trying desperately to avoid the “BIG chop”, I decided I couldn’t wait to get to the hair God gave me in its natural state. I couldn’t wait any longer to rock my ‘fro.


Patiently waiting for the perm to grow out.  Getting the “big chop”.  Rocking twists for a few days, only to discover when I untwisted them, that I still had straight ends.  A LOT of them.

(It’s not my stylist’s fault.  I think she was very conservative with the cutting because every time the scissors “snipped” off my long hair, I cringed.  I was ready…but I was nervous.  I hadn’t seen my natural hair in over 40 years.  And I worried if I would love what God gave me.)

Back to the salon for more cutting.  Trying to learn what products to use.

“Which essential oils do you use on your hair?” a friend of mine asked.

HUH?  “Which ones SHOULD I use?”  My “natural hair ignorance” was on bright display.

So now my bathroom counter looks like a beauty supply store.  Jojoba oil?  Check.  Avocado oil? Check.  Shea butter?  Coconut oil? Twist-defining cream?  Curling jelly?  Check. Check. Check. CHECK.

I’m like a little kid venturing out for the first time on her bike without training wheels.  Nervous.  A little wobbly.  Unsure of exactly how to keep rolling forward without falling over and looking crazy.

But, I’m doing it and you know what?  Whatever it looks like, it’s MINE, all MINE, the way God intended for it to grow out of my head.

Nice to meet you hair.  I think we’re going to be best friends.  You’re wild and untamed.  And very BIG.  But you know what?  I love you.  Let’s do this dang thang!

Pre-Natural & first “Post-Natural” two-strand twist-out.  What do you think?

TDE Hair2