The Burden of Being Black

Black in AmericaThe shooting deaths of the reporter and cameraman in VA are tragic and my heart and prayers go out to the families.  These were ridiculously senseless murders and inexcusable.

But I’m super incensed that news anchors are making comments like “It wasn’t like they were at a demonstration or a protest…”

As though the Black Lives Matter protests or actions result in white people being killed or as though white people are particularly vulnerable in these places.

When a white man walks into a movie theater or school and shoots and kills people, they are lone wolf individuals with mental health issues. There is no concomitant indictment on White America.  But, when a black man walks into a crowd and kills his (apparently/alleged) ex-girlfriend/ex-colleague and another colleague, somehow, all of Black America is to blame.

This is the burden of being black in America.


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