Ghetto Names and Ratchetness

imageI’ve been reading Raven-Symone’s comments that she wouldn’t hire someone with a ghetto-sounding name. This from a person whose own name (as has been pointed out by many others), with its hyphen, alternate spelling of “Simone” and gratuitous accent mark, bears all the hallmarks of a ghetto name.

She is one apostrophe away from platinum ghetto-name status.  Black folks really need to stop copying white folks’ bad habit of mistreating us.  That’s RATCHET regardless of your name.

But kudos to the sista below who did all black folks a favor. I applaud you and will vote for you for president of the Club at our next duly-called elections. You hit the nail on the head.


One more point.  I’d like to make a motion that we give them Kanye next.  Can I get a second?